Blackseed & Onion Shampoo

Country of Origin: India

Aloevelas black seeds and onion shampoo is a hair care product. It is a natural product of black seed oil and onion extracts. This shampoo promotes the growth of healthy hair and also prevents health loss. This shampoo is an essential addition to your hair care routine, especially since black seed oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair follicles. At the same time, onion extract contains sulphur, essential for producing collagen, a protein that supports hair growth and thickness.

This shampoo helps rejuvenate your scalp and weak hair. It also helps reduce hair fall and promotes hair growth. This shampoo is meant for both men & women to nourish the roots and moisturise the scalp.

  • Made in India
  • Natural Ingredients
  • For external use only, avoid eye contact
  • Provides complete hair protection


  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Dermatologically approved
  • Hairfall control shampoo
  • Promotes hair growth
  • It makes your hair soft


  • 4

    Love this shampoo. Smells fresh, leaves my hair clean and not weighed down.

  • 5

    Made my hair shine and reduced my hair fall

  • 4

    from one wash only it started making my hair stronger and smoother, and hence for regular usage I would recommend this

  • 3

    I am very much satisfied with this product. Now me and my family have been using this shampoo for 2 to 3 months and the results are very good


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Yes, this shampoo is suitable for all types of hair.

Yes, it helps increase the strength of your hair tenfold. It will keep your hair healthy and lustrous. It is the ideal way to revive your hair and improves its texture.

It is a shampoo made from black seed oil and onion extract. Black seed oil is a natural ingredient with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties to protect the scalp and lock in the hair's moisture.

Yes, it does prevent hair loss.

Yes. It has been specially designed for men but is suitable for both men and women.